Princess Blessing (2_star_2) wrote,
Princess Blessing

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today was a good day

to bad things of the day
1: i got in an argument w/my sis this mornign over tha bathroom
cuz for some reason this year shes getting up a half hour earlier and expecting me to magicly be out of the bathroom for her whenever she needs it... shes still not talking to me
2: del and i were walking down the hall at school and some guy passes us then turns around and says 'Hey del u tapped that shit yet *laughed*'
firstly im not shit
secondly im not to be tapped
i gave him the finger
heheha then del just stared at me all like amazed cuz like... i never do that right but for some reason it really bugged me
it was cute tho cuz then he was all like saying that that guy was dumb and no girl should ever be treated like that and such :)
the end
i <3 tarzan music :)
and the hitler song Scar sings :)
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