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i fucking hate not just having someone to cry on

like physicaly u know
like ya i know of got friends and such i could go crying to
or my family or w/e
of my bf
but like i dont
besides my family ...
like theres noone i can just frikin go cry to or anything u know
they r all kinda farish
it sucks
thats what i have concluded
im jelous of certain ppl that can just like walk a wee bit and go to like there best friends house or something just to tell their tale of woe
but also if i did have someone that amazing and that close
i know i wouldent just like go right over and let them soothe me
cuz like idk
perhaps its like a pride thing or something
but like seriously
almost noone sees me cry
i cant think of any friend that has
my own sis has only seen me cry a hand full of times
i never cried in front of my bf
and my parents... ya not even much around them
when i feel like crying around ppl... i just dont
i hold it in
till im alone
my cats see me cry all the time
they are my shoulder to cry on
to soothe me
to cuddle
and just hug
pathedic i know
poor julia u havent even got a frikin cat :(
i just want someone to be right there whenever i need them
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