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so basecly del is wonderful
so i got my wisdom teeth pulled
3 of em
it was a strange experiece
of with i dont really remember
and dont want to
so ya
any who
so my mom left me at home all alone to go watch my sis first ever swime meet!!! woo hoo
and id been trying to call my bf all day...ish
and like i couldent get him
then he calls me at like 5ish
and we start talking andim telling him how like it sucks cuz i cant even watch the dvd cuz its skipping but it i were to get up and fix it i would probably puke so im like stuck
and hes all
'sounds like u need someone to save u...'
and he walks thru the door
heheha come on thats cute
and he had just gotten his braces off and hair cut!
just seeing him made me smile
so then he put in a different movie
after a lovely hug that is
fastfoward a bit
and like he got up to get some icecream or something
and i like moved my head weird
and like i started to throw up
then i did all into my hands
wet... liquidy... noodles/rice.... chiken brothy puke
so i start running to the bathrooom
with it all over me
and trailing behind me
and i chucked again in the kitchen
then the bathroom sink
and also the toilet
he came running in all worried
'r u ok... cani get u something'
and im like heaving over the porcilen thrown
when id finished
he gave me like a wet towl to get all the crap off me
and some water to wash out my mouth
and then called my mom to ask where the cleaning things where
then he
swept and moped everything up
sick i know
but if thats not caring idk what is heheha
iv realized that everyone who reads this including my self is like sorta coming out with a rather large shocking secret to thier parents .... weird
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