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tears wash away the makeup mask

so basecly after dinner tonight
my parents ganged up on me
and told me i need to start looking at colleges
or else
so they took away some computer time and me seeing all my awesome friends
they made me cry
and it brought up alot of other crap
like how when my mom like goes on mini trips and stuff
life is just like easier
less worry filled
and less confrentational
its nice
and i told her that
i know that later 2night they r gonna 'secetly' talk about it
so ya i told them they presure me to much and thats partly y im so hard on myself
they dident get it
the conversation went in circles
so i left
i called del
and just hearing him made me smile
as soon as he discovered i was not as ok as usual
he like left what he was doing just to talk and listen to me
and give good nonselfish advice heheha
hes often perfect
i love him
and i feel much better now
i think ill go watch guys and dolls
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