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awww poo

so i dont get it y doesent he ever wanna like talk to me about stuff
i know its kinda weird and hard or w/e
but like i c him reach out to other ppl for help and advice and stuff
my own sister
my friends
and just ppl we both know
but not me
then they sometiems tell me about it and i feel kinda like left out
its weird
like he says he know he can talk to me ...
but then he doesent
and i know i can talk to him
but he says i dont
and sure ya sometimes i dont
w/crap like this
where iv gotta think about it and stuff first
but also i dont have as much going and in my life that is like dramatic or emotional
and yes hes getting better at telling me stuff
and calling just to talk when hes sad or mad or such
but still
i love him alot
which is hard cuz w/my love comes my worry for him :(
and he is easy to worry about heheha
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