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back [01 Aug 2007|03:54pm]
i figured out how to get back on here
thanx john
idk what ill use it for
probly ranting as usualy heheha
im gonna do a blog thingy bout LA but not now ... blah
the end
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complain much? [15 Sep 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | yoogell yoogle ]

life has been busy
my imusne system cant keep up
im like sniffly and on the VERY EDGE of just like getting a temp and passing out or something
doctors are ruining my life basecly
let see in the past monthish iv been to like ... more than neccecary... apoinments
eye doctor
oral surgan
sports physical
regular physical
shots check up
hair dresser
the orthodontist
and the oral surgan again
come on that all just like rediculous
im a healthy person
i shouldent need all those idiots telling me that and such
so aponitments have been like screwing up everything
like i had to miss school to get teeth pulled
in gonna need to miss more for other teeth crap
iv had to like rush aways from school like 5 times
and so far this year its been so crazy i havent even ridden the bus yet..
which is acctually a good thing
right now i should be cleaning my room not even doing this but i just dont care
so what if i dont even have frikin time to complain anymore heheha
i love being busy
i just wish my retard body did too...
my shoulders have been sore for like .... going on 5 days now...
im in
and pilaties
they are awesome
and hard
and pleasing
and easy
and fun
and i now work kinda 2 jobs
on every day i dont have dance that is
oh and iv got a flippin D in english
SO not good
college is being shoved down my throt but like i dunno where to even start with it all
ok i have a vauge ideai just dont wanna start
it scares the crap outa me
and its exiting... i admit heheha
im still in
but like
i have missed like 3 FCCLA meedings cuz of test iv had to make up at lunch from being absent by apointments
ok so u would think it would at least be realxing to be with friends
well yes it it
but like iv got like 2 sets of 'friends' and i have to like switch between them... its weird
and del too
but he quite niftily often just tags along :)
friday b4 pilaties is nice cuz this is the whole second one where im freeish woo hoo
so del and i went to his house for a bit then we went to bedrox and got to play a bit of pool... something we have been meaning to do since like the begining of summer :) so yay
work is fun the ppl r fairly kool
so idk
life is great
hummm ya i guess thats kinda what i was attempting to say from all ^^
im frikin sleepy its not even 10

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sick story of the day [12 Sep 2006|09:27pm]
[ mood | disterbed ]

so i work at an old ppls home bacecly right
and let me just tell u they r a funny bunch
(2 night was WINE night.... heheha)
so like anyone under like 30 is so pretty to them u know
so im always getting compliments
its fun
but 2night
another server had some old creepy guy say
(after she asked what they wanted for dessert)
'20 years ago you would have been my dessert'
and if thats not bad enough
a little old lady at the table who found her self quite funny and witty said
'and you know where he would put his chocolate sauce... right on ur fruit!'
creepy old ppl

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i fucking hate not just having someone to cry on [04 Sep 2006|12:34am]
[ mood | South H Institue of Technology ]

like physicaly u know
like ya i know of got friends and such i could go crying to
or my family or w/e
of my bf
but like i dont
besides my family ...
like theres noone i can just frikin go cry to or anything u know
they r all kinda farish
it sucks
thats what i have concluded
im jelous of certain ppl that can just like walk a wee bit and go to like there best friends house or something just to tell their tale of woe
but also if i did have someone that amazing and that close
i know i wouldent just like go right over and let them soothe me
cuz like idk
perhaps its like a pride thing or something
but like seriously
almost noone sees me cry
i cant think of any friend that has
my own sis has only seen me cry a hand full of times
i never cried in front of my bf
and my parents... ya not even much around them
when i feel like crying around ppl... i just dont
i hold it in
till im alone
my cats see me cry all the time
they are my shoulder to cry on
to soothe me
to cuddle
and just hug
pathedic i know
poor julia u havent even got a frikin cat :(
i just want someone to be right there whenever i need them

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LOVE [31 Aug 2006|09:59pm]
[ mood | in pain but joyious ]

so basecly del is wonderful
so i got my wisdom teeth pulled
3 of em
it was a strange experiece
of with i dont really remember
and dont want to
so ya
any who
so my mom left me at home all alone to go watch my sis first ever swime meet!!! woo hoo
and id been trying to call my bf all day...ish
and like i couldent get him
then he calls me at like 5ish
and we start talking andim telling him how like it sucks cuz i cant even watch the dvd cuz its skipping but it i were to get up and fix it i would probably puke so im like stuck
and hes all
'sounds like u need someone to save u...'
and he walks thru the door
heheha come on thats cute
and he had just gotten his braces off and hair cut!
just seeing him made me smile
so then he put in a different movie
after a lovely hug that is
fastfoward a bit
and like he got up to get some icecream or something
and i like moved my head weird
and like i started to throw up
then i did all into my hands
wet... liquidy... noodles/rice.... chiken brothy puke
so i start running to the bathrooom
with it all over me
and trailing behind me
and i chucked again in the kitchen
then the bathroom sink
and also the toilet
he came running in all worried
'r u ok... cani get u something'
and im like heaving over the porcilen thrown
when id finished
he gave me like a wet towl to get all the crap off me
and some water to wash out my mouth
and then called my mom to ask where the cleaning things where
then he
swept and moped everything up
sick i know
but if thats not caring idk what is heheha
iv realized that everyone who reads this including my self is like sorta coming out with a rather large shocking secret to thier parents .... weird

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[17 Aug 2006|09:44pm]
[ mood | gray ]

k so like idunno
yesterday morning me and my sis got i a little argument over the bathroom
she ignored me the rest of the day
she still isent talking to me much (like 2 days later)
but like when she does its not terribly mean
but like shes holding her anger
and threatining to keep it 4ever and w/e
but like i feel bad cuz shes being a real bitch to my mom
and shes mad to start w/cuz of me not my mom...
i dunno
it wasent even a big deal
PMS perhaps heheha jk
i dont get her sometimes
i dont think ive ever seen her quite like this
anywho she went to bed listening to 'fuck up and die'
um ya

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today was a good day [16 Aug 2006|09:45pm]
[ mood | hair dyed ]

to bad things of the day
1: i got in an argument w/my sis this mornign over tha bathroom
cuz for some reason this year shes getting up a half hour earlier and expecting me to magicly be out of the bathroom for her whenever she needs it... shes still not talking to me
2: del and i were walking down the hall at school and some guy passes us then turns around and says 'Hey del u tapped that shit yet *laughed*'
firstly im not shit
secondly im not to be tapped
i gave him the finger
heheha then del just stared at me all like amazed cuz like... i never do that right but for some reason it really bugged me
it was cute tho cuz then he was all like saying that that guy was dumb and no girl should ever be treated like that and such :)
the end
i <3 tarzan music :)
and the hitler song Scar sings :)

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OO7 [15 Aug 2006|07:20pm]
school might be slightly kool this year
and not compleatly stress creating
but then again i have yet to start:
the hard homework
Key Club
Fashion club
but um ya other wise ill be stress free... ish
woo hoo
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[10 Aug 2006|12:27pm]
it (almost)never goes how i c it
but it would be nifty if it did
but then again sometimes
it goes better
so i suppose i cant complain terribly
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doop de doo [09 Aug 2006|12:58pm]
[ mood | dweeeooop ]

i never seem to have enough time to just blab
and i have a rather small attetion span and get board of typing
i just felt like updating
so i shall tell of my majorish plans so far till summer starts :)
make modeling picture copies
go to the dentist
get hair die
die hair
julia sleepover
and more
c del
get senior pictures
go to samis
try the henna
c bret,bobby,and jeff perhaps
the next day:
maddly wash out the brown
try to die blonder
get my backpack all better heheha
go to school to put in my locker crap
the first weekend day:
perhaps aply for more jobs
c my lover perhaps
do something madly fun
the holy day:
go to a movie with rach and crizzy
wrap up my awesome summer

wow umpointless
but hey it gave me time to think of what i want to eat so joy!

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[02 Aug 2006|09:46pm]
i had some amazing thought today
like about life and such
and now i cant freakin remember
perhaps this blonde is sinking in my head to much
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[11 Jul 2006|06:34pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so kristin is moving back here
it shall be weird
she hates del and sami...
but i still wanna b her friend
but like ahhh.. im not sure how that will work at school yet
summer school is almost over
my parents and the like grounding me from del thing is way unkool
today is my sisters bday!
i had my lovely nail party
and thursday del and i shall be 6 months!
yay us
and he got his job at hooters
and a nice new car
i love him
i think i shall attend college in Cali...

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tears wash away the makeup mask [07 Jul 2006|10:48pm]
[ mood | wishing to be cried out ]

so basecly after dinner tonight
my parents ganged up on me
and told me i need to start looking at colleges
or else
so they took away some computer time and me seeing all my awesome friends
they made me cry
and it brought up alot of other crap
like how when my mom like goes on mini trips and stuff
life is just like easier
less worry filled
and less confrentational
its nice
and i told her that
i know that later 2night they r gonna 'secetly' talk about it
so ya i told them they presure me to much and thats partly y im so hard on myself
they dident get it
the conversation went in circles
so i left
i called del
and just hearing him made me smile
as soon as he discovered i was not as ok as usual
he like left what he was doing just to talk and listen to me
and give good nonselfish advice heheha
hes often perfect
i love him
and i feel much better now
i think ill go watch guys and dolls

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and the world goes la la, la de de da [02 Jul 2006|11:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

im exited
its almost the 4th of july...
woo hoo
ok so my friend cristina cruiz its gonna frikin sing the national anthem at marana park
so that to me is quite exiting
im super happy for her
her name was in the newspaper
and im gonna go watch and be happy
so woo hoo
oh and rachel and del are going too
yay cuz i love them both heheha

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[06 Jun 2006|05:52pm]
[ mood | creativejuices r flowing again ]

k so im not gonna say it is fun to go to these art classes w/out julia
cuz its not :(
im pretty much a loner
stupid shyness
and im there from 9-4 everday
so today at lunch i decided to go to brooklyn pizza since i diden have enough money w/out julias contrbution to go to the wrap place or something :(
so i order my one slice of cheese and a water (totaling 2 dolars exactly)
and then i go sit at this table all alone
i was thinking of sitting w/ this other art girl... but i didnt
so this kinda cute guys walks in...
and i happen to look up
and he looked at me
and i smiled
so then some more art kids come in and they sit w/the other girl
and even tho there are seats elsewhere this guy decided to ask to sit w/me
so i was busily poring delicious greese off my food
and im like sure whatever
anywho we get a talkin
and hes an awsome guy
hes a photographers assistant but he is always taking pic. cuz he carries a camera everywhere
and his favorite color happen to be the color i was wearing today... blue but not just any blue between a sky, baby, aqua blue
and he just came here from new york
and the pizza is no comparison heheha
and he works down the street from the drawing studio
and ya
u would liked him
if ony his hair was dark
i dunno he was awsome
and when with the lovely julia ppl always stear clear of us cuz they sence it would be weird for them to but in....
oh and heres a funny one
so i was waiting for my pizza b4 all ^
and it was taking awile
the guy spinning the dough (also a cutie i swear they make em better on 4th ave. heheha)
keeps like staring at me...
im ok w/e happends often ;)
but then he like comes to my table and asks what i ordered and my name
then he goes back
then stops makeing pizza(even tho theres a billion ppl and he seems to be the only 'tosser')
to come hand deliver my one slice to me and tell me his name heheha
it was funny
the end...
yes ok so its summer and im board
oh and in art they gave us a kool project
we got a disposible camera
and by tomorow we must take 27 pic that kinda represent our life
then at the end of the four weeks we will do the same thing
idk i just love taking pic heheha

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awww poo [04 Jun 2006|09:37pm]
[ mood | there is no star for myfeeling ]

so i dont get it y doesent he ever wanna like talk to me about stuff
i know its kinda weird and hard or w/e
but like i c him reach out to other ppl for help and advice and stuff
my own sister
my friends
and just ppl we both know
but not me
then they sometiems tell me about it and i feel kinda like left out
its weird
like he says he know he can talk to me ...
but then he doesent
and i know i can talk to him
but he says i dont
and sure ya sometimes i dont
w/crap like this
where iv gotta think about it and stuff first
but also i dont have as much going and in my life that is like dramatic or emotional
and yes hes getting better at telling me stuff
and calling just to talk when hes sad or mad or such
but still
i love him alot
which is hard cuz w/my love comes my worry for him :(
and he is easy to worry about heheha

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not interesting [01 Jun 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | i need to shower ]

wow i dislike myspace
it is adicting
and i hate like right now
are trying to message, pic coment, and coment
at the same time
i cant keep up
so i just shut it out heheha
eh well
tomorow is my bday
im exited
del is taking me to dinner tonight
and tomorow we r gonna go to what was known as justins water world
then me and my mom are gonna have our special dinner at sakura
and sami and casandra and i shall have a sleepover
and when all my other buds return from europe
i shall have a pary type thing
where we get our nails done
i liked 16 alot
but perhaps 17 shall be even better
007 baby!!!! woo hoo

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"pretty soon she'll figure out what his intetions were all about" [27 May 2006|04:08pm]
[ mood | a la la la ]

i have discovered that painting my nails is really really hard
not cuz like its hard to put on or anything
or that its dry or anything
or that i dont have enough
its that i have like no patience for it
i cant just sit and wait for them to dry i swear it takes like all eternity
so i painted my nails just now...
then the polish ended up on my dads car
a bunji cord
my leg
my shoe
the grown
now they are all messed up and iv gotta redo them
this is just the begining of my summer frustrations
sometimes i think i totaly understand him
but then other times hes like a frikin alien
its memorial day weekend
i hope my dad keeps his mood up
so far so good
perhaps tomorow shall be great
w/shopping goodness
oh my neighbor invited us to dinner yesterday and we got to viset her kittens
they are so cute
there were two litters
11 kittens
so frikin cute and fuzzy and small
like some of them couldent even walk right yet they still kinda waddled not abble to hold up thier own weight
my birthday is in like 6 days!!!
its hitting me im exited
woo hoo
i have SATS in like one week ahhh
so ya my dad got me a sutpid book he wants me to 'study'
so im gonna go do that like a good girl
oh and im in AP english for next year which is icky cuz this means that this summer
i must do a project thingy
oh well
its not to hard
just kinda reading...

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[26 May 2006|02:48pm]
aw poo
rachel is leaving me for germany
that means that all at once ill have 3 friends in europe
perhaps ill just go to
i can go somewhere too
its the first day of summer!
woo hoo
im exited
this is gonna be like my laybackish week
im gonna be busy again
eh well...
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liquid tears [22 May 2006|07:50pm]
[ mood | depleated of tears ]

julia i miss u mucho
today was an awsome day
i went swiming instead of go to school the first half of the day
cuz im an usher for the seniors
woo hoo
then went to math
were we played frizbee
and watched pirates of the caribean
then art
where i did like nothing
woo hoo
then i got home
i got to be home alone
and sing
then i got to my room
and it started to go downhill
i realized i dident have my much needed science folder
so when my mom got home
i told her
then asked if i could go to dels tomorow
but come back early to finish the science thing
she just flat out said NO
no reason
but just this really angery voice of NO
ok so no big deal
i dont mind not seeing him for one day
but then i asked y
and she said
i dont have my priorities straight
do i really think i am gonna go to collage
i am doing worse this year than any other accidemicaly
all this other stuff
the way she said it made me cry
but something about it seemed so uncaring and unloving
so she just looked at me all like skeptical
then walked out
so im left sobing in my room
and then i start to realize its not just her that made me stressed enough to cry
its everything
i shant bore u with the list
lets just say that i wrote it out and im gonnna give it to her
and its like a page long
so she came back
cuz i told her i wanted to talk about what i had in mind for the week
and she like wouldent respnd
and just kept like shaking her head
and retorting before i would even finish descriding my plans
so finaly i grabbed some paper
and threw it at her
and yelled
ya not really like me but argh she was making me so mad
not good
anywho this whole time im still like bawling
we talked and
she ended up crying too
in short(i need to go to dance)
i dont wanna grow up
and i hate thinking about it
and my parents pushing me foward is NOT helping me

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